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         Jason Lee Worton, a singer/musician, grew up moving around the island of Jamaica, also spending several years living overseas. Coming from a racially diverse background, surrounded by music, the ocean and rural Jamaica, he grew up flowing through groups and scenes. Always on his own path, at once "a part" and "apart" from the main tribes. This shaped not only the person but also the music, one of his muses being "the common bonds that compliment the very distinctions that make us all beautiful individuals" as he puts it.


His sound involves switching between instruments and styles. Having flowed through numerous bands in Kingston for over a decade, he has established himself as a solid sideman multi-instrumentalist, working mainly on the guitar. His edgy yet sometimes folk-like, bluesy "dubrock" sound is often described as a Jamaican Jimi Hendrix, at other times his softer acoustic material is compared to Jack Johnson.


Notable bands from his past in the Kingston scene include Crimson Heart Replica, Random Chaos, From The Deep, and The Uprising Roots Band. He has also worked with legends such as Lorna Bennet, John Holt, Winston Makanuff and Kymani Marley, to name a few. Most significantly, Jason made a name for himself working with all the leading artistes of the current "Reggae Revival" Movement, especially Protoje with his band, The Indiggnation. 


Not one to shy from the unknown, he has recently departed from Protoje’s band to focus once again on his own music. He still collaborates on projects with his friends and colleagues though, and has even begun dabbling in yoga kirtan music. Worton has appeared at prestigious events such as the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, and been a mainstay at small local venues such as at Jamnesia, Red Bones and Nanook. A real Jamaican DubRocker, when he doesn’t have an instrument in his hands he thrives on being in the sea and in the bush, and is an avid surfer, yogi, and aspiring farmer/beekeeper.

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