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New EP "Echoes Of Chinegro"  is now out!

Give it a listen or a download!

Echoes of Chinegro EP



Almost a year since returning to a solo career and leaving Protoje’s backing band The Indiggnation,  releasing the first single and music video “Here It Comes”… it is with a happy and full heart that Jason Lee Worton releases his EP “Echoes of Chinegro” for the pleasure and joyful soul nourishment of the world.


The EP is a co-production with Natural High Music, an organic result of a long mutual friendship and musical respect. It further develops the sound that Worton calls “DubRock”, that crossroads between Dub Reggae and the psychedelic bluesy rock that he finds inspiration in. The single “Moving On” is reminiscent of the live sound of one of his former main bands “The Indiggnation”, and there are also a couple acoustic beach-vibe sounding tracks that are sure to resonate with the beach/yoga crowd.


The four track release marks a return to musical activity after severe tendinitis in both wrists forced Worton to pause all activities. A heavy practice and recording routine combined with juggling multiple self-management duties- including creating web content- caused his output to grind to a halt at the end of 2015. A passionate musician, farmer and surfer, he spent two months recovering from this crippling disability. The experience hasnt stopped him though, it has only increased the passion he has for music and life, and this EP is testimony to that. 


Worton is now on a promotional trip in the Pacific region, doing appearances in Hawaii, Sydney and California to spread the dubrock sound, along with some Caribbean soaked love. He recently participated in the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Oahu, providing his “medicine music” for the yogis there.

Press Release Oct. 2015


              2015 has been a very eventful year for Jason Lee Worton, journeyman multi-instrumentalist and DubRockReggae Artist. It is one of change that is turning out to be a major cornerstone in his career. The year started with Worton leaving The Indiggnation, Protoje's backing band. This after having spent almost six years helping to build the reputation of one of the figureheads of what some have come to call the "Reggae Revival Movement".

             It  would be a return to his own music after years of different roles playing for several bands and artistes, often being in more than one band at any given time. At one point, he had gotten his own band "StoneDub" to the talent stage at the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, and as far as being an opening act on a two show tour in Costa Rica in late 2012 that featured several acts now billed as "The Reggae Revival". However, Worton had been putting all this aside in recent years. Touring as a backing guitarist was taking too much time and focus to nourish his own project. "It wasnt that hard of a decision at the end," Worton says. "Among other things, the need to create my own sound and have some creative output was becoming too strong to neglect anymore." 

               Having spent so many years as a sideman, he has decided to take matters into his own hands. Launching a record label, and producing himself independently, making use of a diploma in Computer Music Production that he earned years ago. He is quick to admit that he still has to seek strength from others "Nowadays you have to do as much as you can for yourself, if you can do stuff like engineering and graphics work, thats great. But you have to always know when to get outside help. As much as I can do basic engineering, certain things like post production have to be left to the experts!" he laughs. 

               May marked the release of his debut single, "Here It Comes". This is his first song taken the full length of production, Jason admits. "Its been years of experimenting, doing some demos but mostly building a name as a live performer who puts on a show and plays a bunch of different instruments." 

              Having released a single online, Worton is looking ahead and picking up steam. The song has received good reviews, and a small amount of airplay. Always staying busy and progressive, he has completed a music video, and plans to release the "Here It Comes" music video on October 30. It will happen in conjunction with "Anonymous 5" a Rock/Reggae concert scheduled for the same date at Red Bones Blues Cafe, featuring Worton and other local underground acts such as Downstairs, Random Chaos, Eye of The BrainStorm and Wayne MacGregor. 

               Worton plans to promote the video and get it maximum exposure. "Its really an introductory video, everything this year is a lot of firsts for me. It also has a bit of the local surfer lifestyle in it" he hints, staying true to his own distinct life and style. 

             In addition to all this he is making plans, working towards an EP release in a few months. Determined to continue building the quality and level of his creative output, more announcements about releases, performances, and travel dates are sure to come soon. For this Jamaican DubRocker, its all about love, and being a positive part of the Collective Consciousness.


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